Sunday, May 6, 2012


by Scott Rose

Maggot Gagginwhore, the professional, lying-assed gay-basher is so full of irrational, ignorance-fueled hatred against LGBT human beings that it is causing her to be the ultimate crappy mother.

Heterosupremacists don't come any more arrogant that Maggot; she once wrote that she was not willing to live in a society that does not treat homosexuals as dirty inferiors unworthy of rights.

Having gotten knocked up in college without being married, Gagginwhore just can't get enough of promoting abstinence-only sex education -- you know, the kind that left Bristle-Hole Palin in a life circumstance similar to Gagginwhore's. 

Maggot more or less admitted to an interviewer that she loved her baby daddy.  But her baby daddy told that same interviewer that he can't stand Maggot.  He said of Maggot Gagginwhore's gay-bashing hate speech: “I don’t read them extensively, because I don’t agree with them, and I find it personally painful to do so, as you might imagine.”

Maggot Gagginwhore presently is -- notoriously -- married to the cipher Raman Svrivastav.  According to this profile of Gagginwhore, there was a period when even the cipher couldn't put up with the monster bigot, who drove their child Bair Srivastav from upstate New York to Long Island so the child could visit the father.

Btw -- Bair Srivastav has learned very well from Maggot how to gay-bash.  On Facebook, Bair joined in a comments thread where the poster, Damnear Divine, started the thread by saying "Insult the person that comments before you." David Knighton commented before Maggot's son Bair Srivastav.  And Maggot the professional gay basher's son Bair Srivastav then said "Heard a rumor that everybody named david knighton is automatically gay."   Further down in the comments, a certain Bobby Higley skipped the order of insults and said "Hey bair, you mother is a disgusting person, and it is sad you are such an embittered little troll"

You just know that Maggot Gagginwhore -- learning right now of a gay or lesbian couple similarly estranged and shuttling a kid back-and-forth like that -- would ruthlessly rip into the couple, attempting to stigmatize all gay couples, and using the anecdote as a political weapon against gay human beings' most basic civil rights. As it is, she taught her demon spawn to gay-bash on the internet. The first thing that came to Bair Srivastav's mind when he was told to insult somebody, was to say they were "automatically gay."  Good job raising your gay-bashing bigot child, Maggot.  Real fine work you're doing as a mother. The piglet feeds at the same trough as the sow.

Bair Srivastav is scheduled to graduate in 2013 from a creepy Opus Dei-affiliated indoctrination center -- The Heights School in Potomac, Maryland, where he plays baseball but has a record of zero home runs. So much for the presence of a heterosexual father making a big macho man out of Gagginwhore's son. Imagine the baseball skills that Bair Srivastav might have learned from the out gay professional ball player Billy Bean, had Billy instead of the Srivastav cipher been Bair's father. Don't forget that through the notorious NOM blog, Maggot took a sleazebag slap at Zach WahlsWhich brings us to Maggot Gagginwhore's bastard son Patrick Gallagher:

Oops!  Not the right Patrick Gallagher.  That Patrick Gallagher is the successful gay-friendly actor from the TV hit Glee.  Here is Maggot Gagginwhore's spawn:

Whether or not you see some family resemblance there, some weight of evidence suggests that Patrick has at least at times been on the gay-bashing NOM payroll.  As an aspiring auteur of Broadway musicals, Patrick Gallagher certainly has never taken a public stand against his hateful bigot monster of a mother.  Which is really quite something, considering that the Broadway musical theater -- a quintessential American art form -- has always been, is now and will always be heavily dependent for its flourishing on the talents and enthusiasms of homosexual human beings -- you know -- the people that Maggot Gagginwhore is not willing to live in a country with, if they are given any rights

At this link is a video of Patrick Gallagher making a pathetic attempt to "sing" the song "My Luck." When that craptastic video was posted to the popular gay-interest site Joe. My. God., a commenter said: "Patrick's mother Maggie is probably buying his silence by paying his bills."

However that may be, the fact is, ***IF*** Patrick Gallagher were to have some huge success on Broadway, his obese bigot mother would stand in the way of his fully enjoying it.  After all -- given a Broadway audience -- how could Maggot Gagginwhore even have the nerve to show her fugly bigot face to share in the excitement of her son's having a hit show?  Too many of her innocent victims would be in the audience.  If Patrick won a Tony and Maggot dared to attend the awards show, she would very likely get what she so richly deserves; pelted with rotten eggs, dog poo and tomatoes. When Maggot attended a Broadway reading of Dustin Lance Black's play "8", she reportedly kept her snout in bags of junk food throughout the evening.

Maggot Gagginwhore -- the nasty, lying, gay-bashing bitch -- plainly cares more about hatin' on the homo than she does about creating conditions for her son Patrick to enjoy maximum eventual success in his Broadway career, cough, cough.  If she really wanted her son to be as happy as possible -- if she didn't want her grotesque bigot's shadow hanging over him everywhere he goes on Broadway, and elsewhere -- the obese bigot would shed the weight of her bigotry and find another line of work.  Don't hold your breath, waiting for this crappy mother and obese bigot Maggot Gagginwhore to do so.


  1. People like this pig are never good mothers....they're too busy crucifying others to look after the fruit of their own loins......besides it is rather apparent that this person has no love in her at all, not for any living thing, not even her own children.......she hates everyone not exactly like her since she is obviously God's gift to Humanity itself. Look at her! Her shriveled and rotten heart is obvious, but God speaks through her (I wonder how he can get sound out thru all of that blubber? Oh, wait, He's God.....) If I were her I'd be ashamed to show my face considering I have all the will power of a door knob (when it comes to the feeding trough anyway.....souee!) What would ever want to fuck her? Certainly nothing human would ever do so! Does she need a crane to get in and out of the trucks that move her around? Maggie the Hut! Sister of Jabba! She could feed a village of cannibals for a year or two! Burning her could produce electricity for all of New York city for 6 months! I bet her skin could stretch to cover a 747! She's a mutant, she has no neck at all! She's from the planet Lard! In the Fatty Tumor galaxy. Stick a hose in her ass and connect it to some helium tanks and she'd be the biggest float in the in the history of the Macy's parade! If she were rendered she could fill a ship with soap! She goes by you on Monday and its Wednesday before her ass finishes passing by! She's so big she always straddles two time zones! She must have hired someone to wipe her ass since her Michelin arms haven't reached anywhere near there in over 20 yrs! She carries her husband around in her vagina...there's room for 6 with reclining seats! If you wanted to strangle her you'd need 12 sets of hands to go around her neck!

  2. The truly scary thing is that a "woman" as ugly through and through,from her satan inspired black heart to her bloated and unforgiving exterior-has procreated. Gluttony,sloth,envy-careful Maggie,my dear,your own favorite book already has you condemned to eternal damnation. Though there is probably not much doubt that you'll feel right at home,devil woman,now won't you. Using your own tireless logic on you,would imply that you worship satan,or is there another way to become so filled with dark thoughts and hate?

  3. I wonder who she had to bribe to get her no-talent lardass of a son accepted into BMI.

  4. You guys weren't kidding, she's a fucking cow in every way imaginable. Since Raman's country of origin thinks cows are holy, that explains their marriage.

  5. Supersorry to drag your personal life into the battle over our personal lives which you started, you delusional, lying hag.

  6. I couldn't care less where mr. srivastav is. From what I can gather margaret's relationship with her husband is as dysfunctional as her relationship with the rest of humanity. No good can come from anything that touches this unfortunate woman.

  7. Maggie's organization was formed to appeal to a certain type of "christian" voter. There was no way in hell Maggie Srivastav and her Hindu husband could ever reach them. He doesn't fit into the perfect "christian" persona she has adopted to reach her goals. That is the reason he is not in the picture and why she goes by the name Gallagher. If for a second she thought he would/could have worked promoting her cause his ass would have been plastered all over the place along with her youngest child. She knows her demographic. The fact that she married outside her race is problematic enough but she also married outside her "christian" faith which to most of her peeps is anathema. He would damage her brand and she knows it. NOM does not use any photos of mixed race couples for a reason

    To have made that calculated decision (BTW the perfect hidden foil to the cry of "bigot", which notice she never uses "how can I be a "christian" bigot when I married a Hindu") should tell us all that this woman will stop at nothing, will do anything and say anything for the money & power bestowed upon her by her masters behind the curtain the radical religious right.

    1. Maggot GagaFUCk does not have an ORGANIZATION - She is the Eva Braun of the Jesus Freak NOMZI cult & GagaFUCK & Braun even look alike

  8. She was using her maiden name professionally before she (allegedly) married Mr Srivastav in 1993, so it would be less confusing to her readers to keep using it. Thats common enough with figures in the public eye -- Mrs Aristotle Onasssis continued to be known to the public as Maria Callas both during her marriage and after.

    On the other hand, you are right in pointing out that for her to be widely known to be married to a Hindu would not enhance the credibility of her pose as a good, indeed exemplary, Catholic wife -- especially if the RCC had not approved of her marriage. Which is possible; a catholic seeking to marry outside the faith has to go through a lot of hoops before the Church approves of the marriage, let alone celebates it. That would not preclude her contracting a civil marriage at the local registry office, but that would not help her cause either. The people calling for her marriage certificate have a good point.

  9. Maggie & Raman
    Went to Bed,
    Maggie rolled over
    And Raman was Dead!

    Maggie probably keeps him hung in the closet to remind her of her "Traditional Marriage Vows"!

  10. Kudos on the new name for the bitch! Maggot Gagginwhore is now my favorite and replaces Slaggie Gillamonster.